8 things you didn’t know you could recycle

We’re all accustomed to sorting our household waste for recycling – cardboard in one bin, plastic in another, garden waste in yet another, but there is a multitude of ways you can recycle other items that you have probably never stopped to consider. The more we recycle, the better eco-warriors we become, so make yourself comfortable and check out these eight things you never knew you could recycle…

1. Running shoes

When your running shoes give up the ghost they usually end up in the rubbish bin, but many companies, including top brands like Nike, and organisations like Running Wild, will take your used kicks for recycling.

2. Christmas lights

Every year we strive to outdo each other in the Christmas lights displays. Every year the end result is a vast collection of tangled wires and burnt out bulbs. But don’t throw them in the bin come January – find a local collection to get them recycled.

3. Crayons

Crayola alone produces an astonishing 3 billion crayons every year. That’s 12 million per day! Don’t doom them to landfills – find a recycling programme and get them reused instead!

4. Toilets and porcelain fixtures

Fill yards will take used toilets and other porcelain fixtures and crush them up. The resultant material is used in pavements and roads!

5. Wine corks

Corks can be reused at home and turned into fun decorations and notice boards. If you don’t fancy that, organisations like ReCORK will collect them, grind them up, and reuse them.

6. Artificial Christmas trees

In addition to your defunct Christmas lights, old artificial trees can also be recycled. They are usually made from plastic, which is easily reused.

7. E-waste

We have become a nation of hungry monsters when it comes to electrical items. Don’t throw them in the bin when they inevitably break – take them to the tip, they will have dedicated areas for electrical items for recycling.

8. Tights and stockings

The days of silk stockings are a thing of the past. Nowadays tights and stockings are usually made of nylon. This is cheaper but not nearly as environmentally friendly as natural silk. Nylon takes between thirty and forty years to decompose. To combat this, enterprising hosiery companies are accepting used stocking and recycling them, transforming them into everything from running tracks and park benches to playground equipment and car insulation! Who knew?

With so many new things you never knew you could recycle there’s never been a better time to do your part for the planet, and battle global warming!

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