EMS Expand Fleet with Volvo FE

EMS Waste Services are proud to welcome a brand-new vehicle, the Volvo FE, to our ever-expanding fleet. The addition of this state-of-the-art truck sets us even further ahead of our competitors and allows EMS to be able to offer an even greater service to our loyal customers.

Our new Volvo FE will be fitted with a dual-skip trailer, allowing it to carry two skips at once. Not only will this help EMS to be even more efficient in our services, but it will also help to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and lessen our impact on the environment. This is currently a pressing issue within all automotive industries, and we are happy to be doing our bit by introducing the amazing new vehicle to our expanding fleet.

The improved efficiency of the Volvo FE means that we will be mainly using the vehicle to service those customers who are further afield from our main Exeter headquarters, with the dual-skip trailer allowing us to halve the number of trips we make to these far out locations.

Plus, the enhanced power, performance and simple manoeuvrability of the Volvo FE mean that EMS workers can carry out their jobs with increased safety when on the roads.

Growing our fleet is just one way in which EMS are continually striving to offer our customers a great local service in the Exeter area and beyond, for waste management, commercial waste, waste recycling, scrap metal, green waste and asbestos collection. You can find out more about these services on our about page.

We are a family-run business with family values running through the very core of our company, from the Directors through to each Operator, and our dedication to customer commitment and satisfaction means you will never be left disappointed by EMS.

If you would like to find our prices for skip hire, waste removal or any other of our services, feel free to get in contact with EMS today and one of our team will be more than happy to tailor our service to your needs and get a price that is right for you.