Getting our hands dirty: the importance of skip maintenance

Working in the waste industry, we understand how essential it is to properly maintain and service all our machinery, vehicles and equipment. By doing this, we ensure that all our range of stock is in peak condition and gives the best service to our customers.

Unsurprisingly one of the most popular pieces of equipment clients hire from us are skips, and we take all the necessary steps to keep the ones at Bay Skips as good as new.


Protection from the elements

Skips are most vulnerable to the different weather conditions that mother nature can throw at them. From driving rain, which the UK climate provides lots of, to harsh winds, the skips are exposed to a vast number of elements in their working life.

Rain, for example, can cause the skips to rust if they are not looked after regularly, which is obviously not a state people want them in.


Nature of use can cause damage too!

It is not just the weather conditions that can pose a problem to the general upkeep of a skip.

Ones that are used on building sites, for example, can be placed on rough ground, which can cause wear, and also have large weights of waste material placed in them which can dent them.

Skips can even be damaged or scratched by a forklift scraping them by mistake when placing waste in them.

Regular maintenance is vital

To keep our skips in the very best working state for customers to use, we understand how key it is to maintain them to the highest standard. The above factors cannot be avoided forever and this means that regular servicing is needed for all the skips we stock.



This maintenance is completed by our own expert team at the Exeter Depot, including Dave McNamara and Mike Bennett.

Different skips can require different methods to fix them, from purely cosmetic work to the paintwork or restoration of any signage on them.






Some, however, can need more detailed work that our professional and experienced team are able to carry out.

This can be things such as cutting and welding replacements plates onto areas of a skip that may have rusted through for example.




Once the skip has arrived at the workshop and has been inspected, we then carry out the required work to finish with a fully secure, safe and operational skip to hire out.

If you are located in the Exeter, Torquay or Paignton area and need to hire a skip, give us a call today. With the best quality skips available at great prices, we will always be happy to help.