Green light for New Waste Transfer Centre for EMS

As a cutting-edge Waste Management Service, EMS is well used to leading the game and setting a national example. So the emergence of a brand-new facility, aimed at streamlining their excellent services even further, is a real coup for the area.

The new Waste Transfer Centre, currently under construction, will enable businesses and locals to do what they are already well-renowned for doing – putting waste and recycling at the heart of Devon life.

EMS prides itself on providing a 360-degree recycling service where no job is too big or too small. From commercial waste through to green waste, recycling and large skip hire, the team of friendly experts are available to help and advise on the best way forward, and they openly acknowledge that it’s the effort of local businesses and residents that is so fundamental to the achievement of important recycling targets.

EMS waste transfer centre under construction

EMS waste transfer centre under construction

At the moment, EMS sort and process all waste at a Waste Transfer Station in Weighbridge. Loaded lorries are driven to the centre where waste from construction and demolition sites, asbestos and bonded waste, household waste, WEEE waste and even farm plastics are just some of the types of refuse accepted.

When the waste arrives, it goes on the scales before being put into a holding bay. It is then sent through a picking line which ensures different wastes such as glass, metals, soil, wood, stone and plastics are separated out from other key types of waste.

The system works well; however, the brand-new Waste Transfer facility will reduce the miles local waste will travel for sorting, and help to drive down overhead costs which can then be passed back to the customer by way of cheaper, more efficient services.

Working in local partnership is openly acknowledged as the key to pushing the waste and recycling agenda forward, and the new facility is intended to drive standards up by ensuring more waste is recycled at the source, while naturally improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

It’s an exciting green light for EMS Waste Management, ensuring Devon continues to lead the way in this vital industry.