New 9 tonne swing shovel for EMS

Designed to deliver high performance and minimise downtime, EMS have taken receipt of a new Volvo ECR88D. In addition to offering skip and RORO hire services, our waste management system provides an ideal way to process all types of waste.

The introduction of the Volvo ECR88D will enable us to continue to provide an efficient and reliable service to customers throughout Devon and the surrounding areas. The compact 9-tonne machine features a heavy counterweight and resilient undercarriage. This increased stability means we are able to move larger loads and transport waste more quickly.

Fitted with a blade and rubber blocks, the new ECR88D will be used to complete a range of tasks whilst reducing noise. The state of the art hydraulic system will be used at our on-site segregation line and secure recycling area. By sorting metal at our transfer site and providing on-site baling and metal loading facilities, the new Volvo ECR88D enables us to bring an even wider range of services to our customers.

The fuel efficient design of the swing shovel is in keeping with our commitment to delivering top quality waste disposal services at low costs. Introducing the ECR88D means we are able to handle, sort and recycle commercial, household, construction and demolition waste and a higher rate. This increase in efficiency ensures costs are kept low and that customers are able to take advantage of cost-effective waste disposal options.

With over 25 years experience in the waste management industry, EMS are well-placed to provide a range of disposal services. By introducing new forms of technology, our customers benefit from sustainable and effective waste disposal options.

As over 90% of the waste we collect is recycled, our use of the new ECR88D will enable us to maintain and increase this the efficacy of our sorting and waste segregation. With increasing demands for householders and companies to manage their waste effectively, EMS can help you to process waste of all kinds.

For more information about our services or to learn more about our use of the Volvo ECR88D, contact us now on 01395 233748 or visit us at