New heavy duty kit to deal with your waste and rubbish removal problems

Our shiny new hook loader has just been delivered, and it’s raring to go.

We’ve been pretty busy lately, doing what we do best – dealing with waste efficiently and cost-effectively in an environmentally friendly way. In fact, we’ve been so busy that we’ve added some heavy duty kit to our fleet.

Our new hook loader will enable us to work even harder. If you’ve used our skip provision services before you’ll have seen a hook loader at work: it’s a highly specialised heavy commercial vehicle equipped – as its name suggests – with a hook mounted at the back to load skips off and haul them back on, wherever and whenever required.

These vehicles use powerful hydraulic rams for the loading and unloading process, so that when you need a skip it’s ready to go as soon as you need it. Likewise, when the skip’s full at the end of your job, our new hook loader will load it up quickly and take your scrap or waste away to be recycled.

We are proud of our environmental credentials so we will always, where possible, recycle every type of waste and scrap. Latest figures show that we’re recycling 90% of all waste removed. That’s a good number, but there’s always room for improvement!

We plan to give our new hook loader a really hard life, making sure that it earns its keep giving you the first class service that you’d expect from us.

Remember, there’s no limit to the job size we can take on and we will always offer you the best prices for skip hire in the Paignton and Taunton area.

So if you’re in or around Torbay – or in the immediate Devon area surrounding it – and you’re looking for high-quality skip hire, waste removal and waste recycling, give us a call. We’re here to help with all your rubbish removal needs. That spanking new hook loader is ready and waiting for your next load.

So, let us take a load off your shoulders in an environmentally responsible way – and at the best possible price.