Scrap metal – what can be recycled and how?

Torbay and Devon residents, farms and businesses are more conscious than ever of their environmental legacy. Which means people are trying harder to segregate waste from recycling and reusing a wide range of materials.

One area of recycling that can cause some confusion, however, is the types of scrap metal that can be collected and re-purposed.

Kerbside collections of metal in Devon and Torbay focus on aluminium cans.

Other items may involve calling in the services of a local waste recycling specialist such as Bay Skips.




Tips on metal waste recycling in Devon

If you have metal items lying around your farm, building site, factory or even your home garage, would it be possible to recycle them?

A good rule of thumb is that metals fall into two categories – ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous metal is primarily types consisting mainly of iron. Nonferrous is copper, brass, stainless steel, lead, zinc and aluminium.

Unlike some waste management services, Bay Skips can collect and recycle both.


What metal items can be recycled?

You may be surprised how many things contain metal, and the wide range of items that can be recycled by a process of deconstruction.

This can include, for example, copper boilers and tanks, tin boats, bicycles and pushchairs. Other items with the potential for metal recycling include steel tables, vehicle batteries and composite radiators.

Smaller items too lend themselves to metal recycling, including tractor parts and copper pipes and wire, alloy wheels, electric motors, PVC cables and even electric plugs.


What happens to scrap metal sent for recycling?


Once scrap metal has been extracted, it is hand sorted (for smaller pieces) or categorised by placing in bails or RORO skips.

This is then passed along to partner organisations skilled in re-purposing different types of scrap metal.





The best advice of all is: if in doubt, ask. Bay Skips is always happy to help.

This includes by providing a skip when you have a large amount of metal to dispose of.