Everything you need to know about wood collection in Torbay

Today we are all encouraged to recycle as much as possible, and this includes recycling wood. A staggering 30 tonnes of wood is recycled every day within the Exeter area, via our wood recycling service.

Below we explain how we collect and sort wood ready for chipping and cresting electricity.

We have three different methods for collecting wood, to suit all needs, from those who need to dispose of wood from their home and others who need to dispose of larger amounts of wood.

We use on site ‘wood’ skips, dedicated wood tipping at our Bay Skips Yard, and we also separate wood from mixed waste.

Dedicated ‘wood’ site skips

We provide dedicated skips for the collection of wood. These skips are mainly used by building companies who both repair and restore properties.

Very often they remove large quantities of wood, such as old beams and skirting, that can be recycled.

We provide a range of dedicated skips with the largest being a 40 yard RORO (roll on roll off) skip. These skips are very cost effective, as they are much cheaper to use than a general skip.

Dedicated tipping at Bay Skips

Many companies and small businesses work in the tipping industry, clearing away houses, outbuildings and sheds. Very often old furniture, fencing and other wooden objects need to be tipped.

Our dedicated ‘wood’ tipping service is classed as a separate load, with customers only paying for the weight collected. This saves them lots of money in the long run.

Sorting wood placed in general waste skips

Within the sorting bays at Bay Skips, our staff work to sort the wood that has been placed in general waste skips. This wood will then be placed in the dedicated wood RORO skip.

Smaller items are then hand sorted at our EMS Exeter sorting plant.

Our collected wood creates energy

All wood that we collect is placed through a wood chipping machine at Hill Barton Chipping. The local company, Brook Energy, then use the chips to produce energy.

Bay Skips and EMS continue to strive to achieve the maximum amount of waste recycling possible. Currently at 95%. For further information on our services or if you have any queries please give one of our friendly staff a call.